Hanger Steak

Hanger Steak

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Hanger Steak- A cut of prized for its flavor. Derived from the  diaphragm of asteer or heifer. This cut is taken from the plate, which is the lower belly of the animal. In the past it was sometimes known as "butcher's steak", because butchers would often keep it for themselves rather than offer it for sale.

Hanger steak resembles flank steak in texture and flavor. It is a vaguely V-shaped pair of muscles with a long, inedible membrane running down the middle. The hanger steak is usually the most tender cut on an animal, and is best marinated and cooked quickly over high heat grilled or broiled and served rare or medium rare to avoid toughness.

Great to marinate, grill and slice thin or make fajita’s to the flank.

Our Black Angus beef is 100% grass fed and finished in the fields of our farm, as nature intended. Our herd is 100% hormone, antibiotic and steroid free. The cattle are moved to a different field on a regular basis to eat the best grasses and only drink fresh well water. Our Black Angus beef is certified grass fed, USDA approved and Animal Welfare Approved.